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Fire Safety Services work with a number of multi site properties and housing associations across the UK and provide the complete range of fire safety services required.

The Problem

One of their Housing Association clients has a number of properties that contain a particular type of Smoke Ventilation System.   There were continuing problems with these systems reported due to the residents (particularly in the summer months) activating the smoke ventilation system to improve the ventilation in the building.

This particular system uses an activation point, similar to a fire alarm call point, with an open and a close button. The problem was occurring because after constant use the open and close buttons were breaking off and the smoke ventilation system became inoperable from that particular activation point.

Fire Safety Services were regularly asked to attend site and replace the activation point that had been damaged. After a number of visits, which cost the housing association unnecessary expense, Fire Safety Services came up with a solution to prevent the smoke ventilation system becoming inoperable.  This helped reduce unwanted cost to the client.

The Solution

Fire Safety Services designed and produced a unique metal cover (with the correct colour for smoke vents), which was screwed to the wall completely covering the activation point. There were two holes in the cover, which allowed the open and close buttons to be pushed, but prevented any vandalism occurring due to anti-social behaviour. This solution has been successful and to date no call outs have been received to replace the smoke ventilation activation points.

Blog-Photo smoke vent cover

Do you have re-occurring fire safety issue?  Contact one of our expert team today on 08000 234114 and see if we can help solve your fire safety problem. It could save you money and unwanted hassle!

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