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Environmental/Sustainability Policy

Fire Safety Services (UK) Ltd is committed to protecting and enhancing local and global environments and to ensure that activities are carried out in a sustainable way.

To meet this policy aim, we will endeavour to:

  • be aware of all new environmental legislation and regulations
  • comply with all environmental legislation and regulations
  • minimise energy use and its associated CO2 emissions
  • maximise the use of renewable energy sources where possible
  • minimise the generation of waste
  • maximise the re-use of materials and products
  • maximise the use of recycled materials and products
  • maximise the recycling of materials and products
  • minimise raw materials consumption
  • maximise the use of material from renewable sources
  • minimise polluting emissions to air, land and water
  • minimise the use of polluting forms of transport
  • assess the environmental impacts of all working practices and product manufacture
  • assess the whole life environmental performance of all purchases
  • maximise the use of local products and local workforce
  • minimise the use of water
  • work towards adopting the principles of an Environmental Management System

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