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Understanding Fire Safety

In England and Wales, the law states that if you’re an employer, owner, landlord or occupier of business or non-domestic premises, you are responsible for fire safety and are known as the ‘responsible person’. The law is governed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which replaces all previous fire legislation since 1 October 2006. Visit for more information.

In Scotland, this legislation is governed by the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and in Northern Ireland by The Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010.

The fire safety process always starts with a fire risk assessment. If you don’t have the expertise or time to do the fire risk assessment yourself, you will need to appoint a ‘competent person’ to help e.g. a professional fire risk assessor. If you’re not sure if your risk assessment has been carried out properly, your local fire and rescue authority might be able to give you advice, although they can’t carry out risk assessments for you.

Fire Safety Services provides a single solution to fire safety and has fully qualified assessors to carry out fire risk assessments for you, ensuring you comply with the law.

Once your fire risk assessment is complete, Fire Safety Services can advise on, install and service the equipment you need. Our product range is divided into four main areas, each one representing a key stage of fire safety. Your requirements will depend upon the nature of your business and the type of premises you occupy.

For more information on fire safety legislation see our legislation page for external website links.

Fire prevention

The goal of fire prevention is to take precautions to prevent fires, reduce emergencies and the damage caused by them.

Fire Detection

This refers to the devices and equipment used to detect fire and alert people when smoke/fire is present.

Fire Containment

Sadly, fires cannot always be prevented, and on these occasions it is essential to have controls in place to reduce the heat output of a fire by suppressing or extinguishing the blaze.

Fire Evacuation

During a fire hazard, it is critical to move people away from the threat as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our services within fire detection include:

Our services within fire containment include:

Our service within fire evacuation include:

Are you responsible for fire safety in your premises?

Do you know what you need to have in place to comply with the law?

Watch this very informative video produced by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) to help you understand the steps you need to take.

The video includes a short explanation of third-party certification and how it benefits you and your business.

If you would like further information on third-party certification,
please visit our ‘Understanding Third-Party Accreditation’ page.

Regional Coverage

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Our products & services extend to everything you require to keep your business compliant with todays legislations:

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