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Fire Safety Services work with a number of holiday parks across the UK and provide the complete range of fire safety services required.

One of their holiday parks customers has a number of sites located around the U.K. In one particular site, which was one of the first built, there was an underground hydrant system installed at the village centre, which was separate from the main hydrant system protecting the rest of the park.

This separate hydrant system was installed to protect the facilities at the village centre because there was no access for fire service vehicles. The closest that a Fire Engine could get was approximately 200 yards away from the potential source of fire.

The solution that was provided when the park was built was to install this separate system, which consists of three twin inlet breechings at each end of the fire main and a number of underground hydrants located at intervals to allow the fire service to connect to the inlet breechings and pump water through the fire main. This would allow the fire service personnel to use the underground hydrants to fight any fires at these isolated locations.

The Problem

The hydrant system however had never been tested since installation and most records of its locations and purpose had been lost. The client requested that Fire Safety Services carry out an air test on the system. This was because it was not clear where the outlets were and the risk of an accidental flooding was possible and it was necessary to determine the extent and location of all of the outlets.

The technical problems were that, due to a lack of electrical power in the location a petrol generator and an air compressor would have to be used. To use this plant there was a requirement for a hose, which had a 2 ½ inch female instantaneous coupling at one end to fit the inlet breeching reducing to a ½ inch bayonet fitting to fit the compressor at the other end. No such hose exists.

The Solution

Fire Safety Services produced a hose to meet this requirement from a number of different hoses. The air test could then be carried out, which was successful and a full wet test followed which proved the system to be in good working order, and added to the routine inspections of the hydrant systems within the park.

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