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Do you know the true cost of servicing your fire extinguishers?

Choosing the right service provider to manage the annual service of portable fire extinguishers can be confusing. So, it’s vital that you understand the minutiae of the wide range of service plans on offer from each provider. What’s more, you should never be wary of...

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Northampton landlord fined for ignoring need for fire evacuation plan

Northampton-based HMO landlord, Nazrul Islam, was fined £3,300 by judges for a variety of offences including failure to provide his four tenants with a safe fire evacuation plan. He was also ordered to pay costs – an additional sum of just over £2,000. Mr Islam...

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Serious fine for Birmingham landlord of HMO who neglected fire alarm servicing

A Birmingham landlord of an HMO admitted he ‘didn’t care’ about the flats he rented out, nor his dire fire alarm servicing record. Mr Jabbar Khalid appeared in court in September this year and admitted his guilt to all the charges brought against him. He was fined...

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Fire safety in empty buildings

Do you own a building that is sitting vacant? If so, did you know that fire safety in empty buildings is your legal responsibility; the same as if you occupied the building?  You continue to be responsible until the building is occupied once again. We’ve all seen the...

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Grenfell Tower fire safety: what went wrong?

Wednesday 14 June 2017 marks the date of one of the deadliest fires in UK history. At around 1am, Grenfell Tower in west London was rapidly engulfed in flames. The fire tore through the 24-storey high tower block in less than an hour. What went...

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