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Dry Riser Inspection & Maintenance

Fire Safety Services provide scheduled maintenance and testing to wet and dry rising fire mains and fire hydrants in accordance with BS9990. Fire Brigade equipment can also be supplied.

Don’t get caught out in an emergency fire situation. Without fully working wet and dry risers this could pose considerable threat to loss of life and property. Without regular testing and maintenance of your wet and dry risers you wont know if they will operate effectively when most needed.

They do help saves lives and you could be prosecuted if they have not been regularly tested and inspected in accordance with relevant standards.

Fire Safety Services carry out inspection and maintenance of wet and dry risers in many different types of environments.  Please contact one of our expert team for more information or read more in our blog section below.

All of our work complies to British Standards – BS9990:2006.

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Dry and wet rising mains

Dry and wet rising mains are intended for use by the Fire Brigade or other trained personnel. They provide a readily available means of delivering considerable quantities of water to extinguish or to prevent the spread of fire.

Dry risers are vertical mains fitted into staircase enclosures or other suitable positions, with outlet valves on each floor and inlets at ground level to enable the fire brigade to connect to the water supply.

Wet risers are pipes that are kept permanently charged with water, either from a storage tank (via a boost pump) or direct from the mains water supply.

Dry riser inspection / maintenance

Fire Safety Services operates with a purpose built dry riser testing vehicle. Testing is carried out annually by our skilled technicians and also includes the six monthly visual inspections as required by BS9990. Our technicians cordon off the areas affected by the testing, making it safe and the inspect the system mechanically prior to the system being filled and pressurised. Once the dry riser system has been tested, we drain the system, making it secure with padlocks and straps, and then issue the appropriate certification.

Underground hydrants also require regular inspection and occasional maintenance to ensure that they will work in an emergency. Since 1989, it has been the responsibility of a building’s owner / occupier to keep its hydrant systems in working order.  See our page on fire hydrants.

More about Dry Risers on our blog

Our blog is designed to give you a greater understanding about fire safety and how our services can help you. All of our blog posts are written by members of our team who have vast experience in specific aspects of fire safety, so you can be sure that the information you are reading comes from a qualified source.

For posts specifically about dry risers – click here


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