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Ancillary Fire Protection Equipment

With our range of ancillary fire protection equipment, you’ll always be prepared should fire break out. At Fire Safety Services, we supply a wide range of products including fire blankets, fire extinguisher cabinets and trolleys, hose reels and fireproof document storage units. Our full range can be found in our brochure which can be downloaded using the links below.

Ancillary equipment is not something you should treat as optional. It provides essential support to your primary fire safety apparatus. Our extensive range gives you a variety of options from which to choose and it’s all fully compliant with current legislation and British Standards.

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Download our latest Ancillary and Specialised Products brochure

To download our latest ancillary products brochure as a pdf please click on the image above or here to download. Depending on how your website browser is set to function the file will either download directly to your computer or open as a pdf in a new window where you’ll be able to save and open in any Adobe Acrobat compatible software.

Fire extinguisher stands

Features of our fire extinguisher stands are:

  • Robust rotationally moulded design
  • Prestige and stylish chrome designs available
  • Red, grey and cream colour choices
  • Conveniently moulded space for extinguisher ID signs.

PVC fire equipment covers

Features of our covers include:

  • Velcro fastening for tailored fit
  • Red colouring making it easily identifiable
  • Hand loops for quick removal
  • Window incorporated for identification of extinguisher type and viewing of pressure gauge
  • Two sizes available to fit all types of portable extinguishers
  • Hose reel covers are also available.

Fire point trolleys

Features of our fire point trolleys include:

  • Steel mainframe construction for maximum strength
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy polyester powder coated finish
  • Rotary hand bell available on all models
  • Polypropylene wheels with rubber compound tread
  • Suitable for extinguisher sizes up to 190mm in diameter
  • Available in many variants.

Fire blankets

A fire blanket is an important addition to workplace fire safety kits. They are made of highly fire resistant materials and designed to extinguish small fires or to throw around a person whose clothes have caught fire to smother the fire. Alternatively, they can be used to wrap around someone protectively who needs to pass through an inflamed area to get to safety. Fire blankets should be placed in easily accessed areas where fires are most likely. For example, they are usually found in an area where there is a splash hazard of flammable liquid.

Features of our fire blankets are as follows:

  • Kitemark certified to BSEN 1869:1997
  • Pull down tags for ease of access
  • Flush end caps for easy cleaning
  • Large labelling area for maximum impact
  • Range of sizes available for every application.

Specialist fire extinguisher models

We’re used to the colour red to denote danger and it’s commonly used for fire safety equipment. But in some buildings, it can look ugly and out of place. If your business brand is built on sophistication and muted tones, a bulky red fire extinguisher will never be easy on the eye.

That’s why we’ve sourced this stylish range of polished metal, hand-finished extinguishers. With zero compromise on fire safety, quality or design, these stunning objects are ideal for environments where appearance matters. Perfect for modern bars and restaurants, luxury hotels, and high-end fashion retailers.

Available in three finishes, polished stainless steel, polished gold and brushed copper, there’s something for everyone. Every part used in the construction of these fire extinguishers is corrosion-resistant and each fire extinguisher comes with a five-year warranty.

Other ancillary products include:

  • Fire extinguisher cabinets
  • Vehicle transport cabinets
  • Fire safety document boxes
  • Flammable storage cabinets
  • Wheeled trolley units
  • Rotary alarm bell
  • Extinguisher alarm
  • Call point covers

*For a full list of acronyms and terms please see our glossary of terms.

More about Ancillary Fire Protection Equipment on our blog

Our blog is designed to give you a greater understanding about fire safety and how our services can help you. All of our blog posts are written by members of our team who have vast experience in specific aspects of fire safety, so you can be sure that the information you are reading comes from a qualified source.

For posts specifically about ancillary fire protection equipment – click here

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