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Fire Risk Assessment Reporting Software

What is FCS Live?

Fire Safety Services offer an on-line Fire Risk Assessment Reporting Software System called FCS Live. This is accessible to our customers via a live portal on the top right-hand side of all pages on our website, enabling you to login quickly and easily and be taken directly to your account.

What are the benefits of FCS Live?

The software system allows our customers to view all their fire risk assessment reports in one place. Once they have logged in they can monitor, manage and plan ahead actions required from their reports. There are many benefits for using FCS Live and it is ideal for single or multi-site businesses.


Would you like a free demonstration of FCS Live?

For a free demonstration of FCS Live call our sales team on 08000 234114 or complete the form for a call back to arrange a suitable time for our team to walk you through our system and explain all of the benefits it gives you and your business.

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FCS Live Software Benefits

How does it work?

Stage 1 – Carrying out your fire risk assessment

One of our fire risk assessors will visit your premises and carry out the fire risk assessment. This will be entered into the software system in ‘real time’.  Once we have completed your fire risk assessment report we will send you your own unique login (user name & password) to access the system directly from the homepage of our website.

Stage 2  – Summary page of your report/s

When you have logged into the system you will be directed to the software homepage where you will see a list of all your fire risk assessment reports.

At the top of the page you will see a map of the UK pin pointing the location of each building with a flag. The colour of the flag denotes its level of risk i.e. red flag = high risk site, amber flag = medium risk site and green flag = low risk site.

You then have the option to click into each of the fire risk assessment reports to read in detail.

Stage 3 – How to view your report/s on the system

Once you have clicked on one of your reports you will be taken to the summary page for the premises, which gives an overview of location, contact and building details and a summary of how many actions are due in 7 days, 30 days or 3 months, along with an overall risk score for the building i.e. low, medium or high risk. See below to understand your risk levels.

Please note: your action deadline dates commence from the date you receive the completed report, not the date the assessor visited the site.

Stage 4 – Viewing the risk level of your report

You can view your building actions by low, medium or high risk by clicking on the colour coded bar chart giving the number of actions in each. This is based on a traffic light colour coded system.

There is a 3 stage checking process for all our fire risk assessment reports. The first stage is for the fire risk assessor to ‘Check’ over the report. It will then be sent to our validation department for a second level of checks. Once ‘Validated’ it will then be marked as ‘Released’, providing quality assurance to all our clients.

Stage 5a – Viewing your actions required

To view details of each action, simply click on ‘view the action’ and it will then take you to a page giving full details of what is required to comply including photo evidence where provided.

Stage 5b – Viewing your actions on a floor plan

If you have a floor plan of the building where we are carrying out the fire risk assessment this can be added to the system and our fire risk assessors can mark on the plan exactly where an action needs to be completed. This will help you identify the area of the action more easily in a visual format.

Stage 6 – Carry out all the actions listed

You are responsible for carrying out all the actions listed on the fire risk assessment report and you are responsible for updating and signing off each of the actions (within the live system) as and when they are completed.

Once you have completed an action you have the option to add a note, upload a photo as evidence or simply sign off the action. This stage will be repeated until all actions are completed.  At this stage your fire risk assessment will demonstrate that your building is fully compliant in line with the actions we indicated.

Please note: when an action is completed, this action is archived within the software and the risk level automatically reduces.

Additional Benefits

Printed reports available

Fire Risk Assessment reports can be printed out at any time (if required) directly from the on-line portal. You can print either the full report in PDF format or action (individual or all actions) can be printed and distributed to competent persons tasked with carrying them out.

Variable access levels possible

The on line fire risk assessment system is fully adaptable allowing access at various levels. For example, a multi-site business can regionalise which sites are viewable without showing the whole portfolio or variable access can be given to personnel dependent upon which fire risk assessment report/s they are responsible for.

UK map clearly identifies report locations

On the landing page of your portal a map will appear showing the geographical locations of your buildings and their current risk ratings. This gives the end user a clear visual focus on the fire risk severity of each site assessed.

On-line logbook

Our system also provides you with an electronic logbook to record all other aspects of your fire safety.

Additional documents can be added

In addition, you can upload additional and relevant documents into the portal such as emergency plans, quotes, training records etc. This helps keep all your important fire safety documents safe that relate to a particular building, meaning they are all kept in one place.

Understanding the ‘Risk Level’ of your Fire Risk Assessment

Unlike other traditional fire risk assessments where the risk level is set until a new assessment is carried out. This is a ‘live’ fire risk assessment document where the risk level will decrease as the actions are completed.

If you are a current FCS Live client

Our existing clients using this service can login to their accounts using the link below on this page. For your ease, we’ve added a client login button on the top right-hand side of all pages on our website, so where ever you are you can be taken directly to your account.

Login now – click here

Regional Coverage

Need further information or would like to speak to one of our sales department?

Call our head office on: 08000 234114 or email at

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Covering: East Anglia & South East

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