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A Construction Company in South Wales has been fined £100k for running an unsafe timber frame construction site.

Findings by the HSE outlined the Construction Company had failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent fire starting and getting out of control. For details on this original story see:

You have a legal responsibility to make sure your business and employees are protected from the dangers of fire.

In cases where a risk exists and it is not being managed, fire authorities have a statutory duty to enforce compliance with the regulations and they may serve a notice on you. In serious cases, prosecutions and fines can be imposed and a worst-case scenario is imprisonment.

Don’t risk the lives and wellbeing of your employees, visitors or the emergency services that may need to attend your site in the event of a fire.  Avoid the serious disruption to your operations and the penalties, which could be imposed under the regulations if you fail to do so.

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