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Cloud FM

A unique working relationship

Cloud FM 1 - fire safety services
“Fire Safety Services are a forward thinking and dynamic fire safety company who tailor their service provision in line with our bespoke technology.

Their Technicians work well with our system and work in partnership with us to give our clients a quality facilities managed service, whilst seeking continuous improvement to the process.”

Lucy Scroggs – Account Director, Cloud FM

Fire Safety Services (UK) Ltd have experience of working with various facilities management companies including Cloud FM across their range of clients, spanning in excess of 800 sites including a number of National restaurant chains.

What makes this working relationship unique is Cloud FM using their own innovative technology to track completed works at each of their sites.

Service Technicians at Fire Safety Services use this technology on their smart phones and scan in a unique QR code on arrival & departure to site. This enables their consultants to track all fire safety administration in real time, using data provided by their system to benchmark performance and ensure compliance.

Cloud FM 3 - fire safety services
Cloud FM 4 - fire safety services
Cloud FM 5 - fire safety services
Cloud FM 6 - fire safety services

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Professional is a very busy individual and by nature of the job many unforseen circumstances arise.

A Facilities Manager has to balance the time, cost, and quality triangle.  How long, against how much, and how that impacts the effectiveness of the end results?  It is not easy on planned work let alone reactive work.

This is where a quality service provider is a valuable asset to your FM company.  You need a service provider that will work with you, form a partnership, be reliable and prompt you rather than the other way around and who will perform to high quality standards to meet your requirements.  Someone who will evaluate the risks on your behalf and provide cost competitive solutions, and will ensure compliance in their specialist field.

Fire Safety has serious implications for building managers and FM providers.  By employing a trusted Fire Safety Service Provider, you can alleviate some of the workload, but not all the responsibility. Employing a company who can give expert advice through its network of qualified, third-party accredited staff, who will give the added value of asset lists of equipment, service schedules and advice to the current standards, will take away some of the stress and strain of planned maintenance.

For more information on our experience with facilities management read our blog

Our blog is designed to give you a greater understanding about fire safety and how our services can help you. All of our blog posts are written by members of our team who have vast experience in specific aspects of fire safety, so you can be sure that the information you are reading comes from a qualified source.

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