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It is another busy day in the office of the Facilities Management Professional.  The work schedule that was planned for today went out of the window as soon as soon as the office door was opened.  The heavy rain that happened overnight has resulted in a number of roof leaks on the flat roof system, and has caused some backfill on the drains.  All the planned maintenance work will have to take a back seat to the reactive work.  All the contractors turning up can’t be shepherded around the site.  How you wish you had some trusted service providers.

A Facilities Management Professional has to balance the time, cost, and quality triangle.  How long, against how much, and how that effects the effectiveness of the end results?  It is not easy on planned work let alone reactive work.

This is where a quality service provider is worth their weight in gold.  Someone who works with you, forms a partnership, who can be trusted to turn up when expected, who prompts you rather than the other way around, and who will perform to high standards to meet your requirements.  Someone who will evaluate the risks on your behalf and provide cost competitive solutions, and will ensure compliance in their specialist field. Someone who will give you the time to manage the FM function effectively and efficiently.

Fire Safety has serious implications for building managers and FM providers.  Not only does it protect the lives and safety of staff, visitors and contractors, but it ensures that the building can be operated in a safe manner, ensuring a workplace that can be utilised to its maximum, helping company output, and bringing in rent revenues. Moreover, it ensures regulatory compliance, preventing expensive legal actions, and bad PR that an incident can provide. The cost of fire safety has to be balanced against the time that all the repercussions take, and the quality of the building being provided.

Are you legally compliant?  Do you have the following in place?

  • Fire Risk Assessment.  Is it current and does it take account of all the building risks?  Are you confident that the competency of the person carrying it out is right for the risks?
  • Fire Alarm.  Is the fire alarm in place correct for the type of building?  Does it meet current standards, and is it maintained in accordance with current regulations?
  • Fire Extinguishers.  Are they appropriate to the risks? Are they located correctly and serviced according to current regulations?
  • Fire Doors. Are they maintained in good condition and inspected on a regular basis?
  • PAT Testing. Are all your electrical appliances checked correctly?
  • Fire Training. Do you have fire wardens appointed and are all staff aware of the evacuation procedure?
  • Fire Safety Records. If the fire service attended your site to carry out a spot check, can you produce records that show all these matters are being attended to?

Fire Safety is just one facet of the FM Professionals many areas of responsibility.  But compliance is legally and morally vital.

By employing a trusted Service Provider, who will give a quality, cost effective, timely service, you can alleviate some of the workload, but not all the responsibility. Employing a company who can give expert advice through its network of qualified, third-party accredited staff, who will give the added value of asset lists of equipment, service schedules and advice to the current standards, who will work in partnership with you, will take away some of the stress and strain of planned maintenance.

For details of how Fire Safety Services can help you be compliant, please contact us on 08000 234114.

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